i have your back

donation program

Barangay 128 is one of the most vulnerable and poverty-striken community located in Tondo, Manila, Philippines, which affects its entire population. The purpose of the I Have Your Back (IHYB) donation program is to assist with the basic human need of clothing across this vulnerable and disfranchised Filipino community by distributing new and gently used clothing to its children and adult residents.

In the Philippines, we accept both goods and in-kind donations to go towards assisting with this basic need. From other countries, including Canada and the United States, we prefer accepting in-kind donations to minimize the logistical coordination and cost associated with the transportation of goods from your country to the Philippines.

Any donation amount given in-kind under the IHYB program will be converted into purchasing clothing items for the segment of the community the most in need. We, with you, are committed to distributing clothing items to families across Barangays 128, as 100% of your donation will provide for one or more individuals. If you wish to donate, please "click" the donate button below to facilitate the donation process.

Below are pictures of our December 2017 distribution.