knowledge is wealth scholarship sponsorship program

In June 2019, we launch our brand new Knowledge is Wealth (KW) Scholarship sponsorship program for students preschool to grade 12.

Our KW Scholarship program provides our student beneficiaries with school uniforms, school shoes and running shoes physical exercise uniform, school supplies and a backpack. For a child to be eligible, the student’s parent signs an agreement stating their commitment to the child attending school at least 85% of the time.

The cost of a scholarship for a preschool to grade 4 student is $110 CAD / 4,000 PHP, and for grade 5-12 is $275 CAD / P10,000 PHP. PAC oversees the scholarship program on behalf of YOU the generous donor, and connects you with a specific student, and sends you regular progress updates, pictures and grades associated with your paired student.

Our KW scholarship program is definitely seen as an essential assistance to students living in this disenfranchised community. We hope that this assistance will encourage parents to inspiring their children to pursue their academic studies, instead of simply dropping-out.

PAC volunteers distributing baby nutritional packages to the parents of these 4 months old twin boys from Barangay 128, Balut, Tondo, Manila.