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Depicts a child's hand within an adult or youth's. This notion of assisting those in-need towards empowerment, and its continuance through reciprocation, exemplifies our mission.

In the Fall of 2014, Philippe travelled throughout the Philippines for three weeks. In the suburbs of Manila, he was impacted by the prevalence of poverty, of a strikingly more acute nature than experienced in Canada. Over a year later, Philippe returned to the Philippines to volunteer for five weeks with a NGO focusing on poor children in the community of Tondo, Manila, where Gletha Araña also volunteered. The volunteer experience and encounter presented them with significant insight into the lives of children and their families living in such poverty-stricken conditions. Assisted by Gletha in the Philippines, Philippe began exploring different ways where he could continue to provide support to poor children and families in the Philippines from Canada. This led to his desire of creating a new Canadian registered charity to that end. Soon after, Philippe founded PAC, and was joined by Bryan Hudson, Director of Communications and Treasurer, and Gletha, Director of Compliance and Community Liaisons and Secretary.

On 29 May 2016, PAC's Constitution, its governing document, was signed by all three parties. In July-August 2016, Philippe returned to the Philippines to work with Reynaldo Fillarca, Chairman of Barangay 145, to finalize community selection in Tondo, Manila. At this time, he also collaborated with other local governmental officials to develop viable and sustainable social welfare initiatives, as well as recruited local volunteers to assist in achieving our Mission along with future program goals.

On 7 August 2016, we celebrated the start of our operations in the Philippines with over 600 residents of Barangays 128, 143, 144 and 145, establishing a relationship based on trust and respect between PAC and the community it would begin to serve.

On 22 October 2016, we launched our first Watch Baby Grow (WBG) and Watch Toddler Blossom (WTB) Sponsorship Programs.

On 21 May 2017, we launched our first Play and Catch-Up (PCU) After School Program, focusing on Barangay 128 students experiencing difficulties, grades 1-11.

On 1 July 2017, we launched our first Growth Measurement Program, comparing babies and toddlers taking part in our WBG and WTB Programs with the National Filipino Medical Standard.

This past June 2019, we launched our new Knowledge is Wealth (KW) scholarship sponsorship program, providing a financial assistance to our first WTB toddlers entering school.

On 20 July 2019, PAC officially opened its Filipino Headquarter at Barangay 128, which is located in Tondo, Manila, Philippines. On that same amazing day, the Canada Revenue Agency officially designated PAC as a Canadian Charitable Organization.

Even though we are a relatively new organization, PAC's vision and reach are expanding at a steady rate. This is just the beginning of our story, and we hope our story has inspired you to be part of it, too!