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donation program

The Maralla community suffers from significant poverty that predominantly affects its children. While PAC's chief purpose concerns facilitating the provision of basic human needs to this community, such as with alleviating hunger, it is just as important to address barriers to physical and psychological health. Here, donors can help create a special and unique catered event, with various options for activities and entertainment.

These meals generally include items such as proteins, vegetables and starches, with the option of adding juices and treats, and even some entertainment for the children, for instance, a magician, ventriloquist or juggler. The meals are supported either in-part or entirely by you, our donors.

For as little as 5,000-10,000 PHP or $150-300 CAD, your donation will provide a one-time meal for 300 children. Different options are associated with the donation range.

We, with you, are committed to offering these nutritious meals to the families of the Maralla community located in Tondo, with 100% of your donation utilized towards providing benefits to a significantly large number of families. If you wish to donate, please "click" on the donate button below.