Without the help of our partners, the programs and goals that we have set out for PAC to achieve would simply not be possible without them. By collaborating, we enhance our existing programs for the benefit of our beneficiaries. We thank them for their continuous partnerships.



It is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization that began in 2012. Thrive was founded by three expatriates who set out to feed as many impoverished children as possible, focusing on places where they could find the most kids in need: the makeshift schools in the urban slums. Today, Thrive volunteers deliver over 5,400 healthy meals each week to schools and community programs in some of Dhaka and Manila's poorest neighbourhoods, benefitting an average of 1,000 children each school day.

Each Sunday morning, PAC's 75 students of its Play and Catch-Up after school programs receive a breakfast meal thanks to Thrive.