Play And catch-up

after school program


"Karunungan ay kayamanan"

"Knowledge is wealth"

PAC launched its first after school program in May, 2017, to support 75 students experiencing difficulties with literacy and numeracy. After receiving multiple inquiries regarding tutoring opportunities, we expressed this interest to the local officials, informing them of our desire to launch an after school program specifically targeting students with educational challenges. Together, with local officials and the non-profit organization, Thrive Global, we launched our first after school program called Play and Catch-Up (PCU). Currently, we are the only NGO, out of 26 operating within Barangay 128, to focus on students experiencing learning difficulties. By using an alternative teaching tool: play, our goal is to create a safe and fun learning environment where students can catch-up with the Filipino school curriculum. We believe this program will give students a much greater chance of future success in the workforce and onto post-secondary education, by reducing drop-outs among this poor segment of the Filipino society.

PCU takes place every Sunday morning, beginning with hygiene education and practices, and a healthy breakfast provided by Thrive Global, followed by games, songs and plays, all in support of learning. Where required, students are offered one-on-one tutoring. PCU enhances the Filipino school curriculum through bridging of knowledge gaps. We also believe in developing future community leaders: our most learned students are offered peer-teaching opportunities to enrich their own leadership skills.

We are always looking for kind, patient, and dynamic volunteers to assist our grades 1-11 students improve and solidify their literacy and numeracy skills. We are also seeking donors interested in sharing their blessings, either by providing school supplies and/or in-kind donations towards our program.