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Donation Programs

In addition to our Play and Catch-Up (PCU) after school program, we believe that it is important to support other needs of Barangay 128's children, such as books, social activities and school supplies, all tailored towards their mental development, which are all part of growing out of the poverty through education.

The purpose of our Read Along (RA) donation program is to assist the residents by distributing new and gently used books to encourage and foster the development of their knowledge through reading.

Additionally, the purpose of our Discovering My World (DMW) donation program is to provide children with mental and physical development opportunities, such as visits to cultural sites, museums, parks, etc., so they could expand their horizon pass the physical boundaries of their neighbourhood and develop them into even more well-rounded and productive members of the Filipino society.

Furthermore, we accept school supplies to facilitate our Play and Catch-Up (PCU) after school program and distribute to students among our community in support of their educational endeavour, which we believe is their best chance at breaking the generational cycle of poverty among this disfranchised segment of the Filipino population. 

In the Philippines, we accept both goods and in-kind donations to go towards assisting with these types of donations. From other countries, including Canada and the United States, we prefer accepting in-kind donations to minimize the logistical coordination and cost associated with the transportation of goods from your country to the Philippines.

Any donation amount given in-kind under the PCU, RA and DMW programs will be converted into the type of assistance of your choosing for the segment of the community the most in need. We, with you, are committed to providing these kinds of assistance to families across Barangays 128, as 100% of your donation will provide for one or more individuals. If you wish to donate, please "click" the donate button below to facilitate the donation process.

Below are some of the donations we received on behalf of our beneficiaries.